As the client, your needs come first. We work together to clarify exactly what you require, and keep in close touch as the project progresses.

I find things out in a planned way, analyse the findings and present the conclusions (and recommendations, where appropriate) in ways to suit you.

For translation and English polishing, we discuss technical aspects before starting. Recent work has included Italian, Spanish, French and Welsh.

I’m friendly and efficient, and keep to agreed deadlines. I can work alone or with others, depending on the assignment.

Moira is a skilled researcher and produces clear reports summarising difficult concepts. She did an exceptional job in difficult circumstances and I wouldn’t hesitate to commission her again, or to recommend her work to others.

Excellent, the first work together but not the last one! Moira over-reached the objective by translating not just words but the meaning we were looking for, an accurate and personal job.

Writer and researcher since 1987

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