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I undertook the development of European inter-regional links for a rural tourism venture. Part of this assignment was the collection and analysis of best practice in ‘animating’ rural tourism, brought together in a handbook to share with practitioners worldwide.

I have a strong interest in different cultures and in the environment.

They said what??

A statutory body wanted to find out the attitudes of the public to the Welsh language. Working with a major market research and consumer insight agency, I ran focus groups in two languages in representative sample areas, interpreted and analysed the findings, and wrote the comprehensive report and recommendations. This report is used as an exemplar by the research agency.

I have a warm presence which can encourage people to open up and talk.

What does the world look like?

For senior staff involved in planning, commissioning or delivering housing for older people, a Government department and a major charity required a factsheet about innovative housing support models for people with sight loss. I drew on existing research to set the context: sight loss, housing and social policy and practice. Telephone interviews provided information for case studies and vignettes. I drew out the key elements of good housing and the ingredients of best practice. Finally, I provided details of information sources, practical resources and advice to support practice. The result was a substantial online publication, part of national online resources about care services.

I am rigorous.

What’s the state of play? And where do we go from here?

A public body required a realistic review of the economy and childcare in rural areas. It also required proposals for future policy development. I carried out desk research, consultation and field work in four areas leading to a published report. The report’s recommendations for action led to the development of a funded programme across rural England.

I have a broad perspective and am able to make practical recommendations.

Oh! It’s beautiful! It works so well. How did you do that?

A public body wanted to help tourism businesses to introduce a sense of place into their offer, to make them stand out and take them upmarket. My research on people and history, language, buildings, food and drink, creativity and the arts, and the great outdoors underpinned my copy for a good practice toolkit and workbook.

I am imaginative and creative.

How are we doing? Can we do better?

A not-for-profit organisation required an evaluation of the potential cost savings and efficiencies arising from pilot posts at two hospitals. This assignment required me to liaise closely and carefully with the client and other interested parties, and to be very flexible, as the path of these pilot posts did not run smoothly, nor were comparative data readily available. Determination was required. Yes, definitive evidence was lacking but the evaluation process, the analysis and the final report gave all involved opportunities for learning and improvement.

I am tenacious.

Moira was creative in her approach to the research. She applied national data to a local situation to draw academically robust conclusions, providing a new and pertinent cost benefit analysis which is still in use today.

The Companion

The Festival of the Countryside wanted a guide for the intelligent tourist in Mid Wales. Working with the Festival team, I used its geographical and activity categories to research and write in-depth stories and information about the region. The result was a well-received book which filled a gap in the tourism market.

My work is published.

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